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For just £12 a month, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected boiler repair and maintenance bills again.

Our comprehensive care packages are split into three levels of cover to suit everyone's needs, and with the option of adding plumbing cover to your package for just £5 a month there's no reason to leave yourself open to any kind of central heating and water system failure.

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Option 1

What's included:

  • Boiler Cover

    The cost of repair due to a mechanical or electrical fault to parts fitted within the boiler casing, which stops the boiler
    working properly.

  • Labour Charges

    Labour charges directly connected with the repair or replacement of the failed
    components in the option cover selected.

  • Annual Service

    The labour costs to carry out an annual service of the boiler.

Just £12 a Month

Option 2

What's included:

  • Everything from Option 1 plus -

  • Controls

    The cost of repair due to a mechanical or electrical fault to the circulating pump, motorised valve(s), timer control, room thermostat, and/or cylinder thermostat, which stops the system working properly.

Just £14 a Month

Option 3

What's included:

  • Everything from Option 2 plus -

  • System

    The cost and repair to radiators, radiator valves, expansion tank, hot water cylinder and above ground pipe work directly associated with the central heating system. Excludes any taps and their direct supply.

Just £18 a month

Plumbing Cover

What's covered:

  • Repairing hot and cold water pipes from the mains stop tap.
  • Repairing cold water tank.
  • Repairing standard float valves and syphons.
  • Repairing heating pipes if there is a leak.
  • Repairing radiator valves.

What's not covered:

  • Repairing or replacing taps or tap washers.
  • Repairing or replacing shower pumps, mixer valves, radiators, hot water cylinders, macerators, mains stop taps.
Just £5 a month

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