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Terms & Conditions

Full terms and conditions are available on request.

What Is Provided

  • Labour and parts for repairs relevant to the cover selected.
  • One boiler service per year.
  • One safety inspection per year (carried out at the same time as the service)
  • Unlimited call-outs.
  • 24 hour 365 day a year helpline.
  • If your boiler is beyond repair or spare parts are not available we will replace it at a reduced cost.
  • If we do not carry the spare parts required, we will order them from our suppliers for delivery within 24 hours, subject to availability.

General Exclusions

Your agreement does not include the following:

  • Design or existing faults which were not identified during the initial inspection.
  • The cost of repairs because of damage caused by you or other persons.
  • Repair or replacement of the hot and cold water taps, mixer valves or shower pumps.
  • Loss or damage to property caused by the appliance, boiler or system leaking, unless we are directly responsible.
  • Damage caused by locating pipes in walls, floors or ceilings unless we are negligent.
  • Improvements to bring your system up to current standards i.e. system upgrades - additional thermostats, flues and ventilation which do not meet current standards.
  • Resetting controls (for example after power cuts or summer/winter time changes).
  • Repairing faults caused by sludge or debris after we have advised you that the system requires a PowerFlush